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Parish Events
for Sunday 19th March 2017

Festival: 3rd Sunday of Lent
Parish Eucharist …
Location: St Nicholas
  On Service Plan:YES

Readings: Romans 5.1-11;
John 4.5-42

Parish Eucharist …
Location: St Mary's
  On Service Plan:YES

Hymns: New A&M  696  258  453  629  652
Anthem:  Call to Remembrance - Farrant
Junior Anthem:  Give ear unto me - Marcello
1st Reading: Exodus 17.1-7; Fergus Moynihan
Psalm: 95
2nd Reading: Romans 5.1-11; Liz Moynihan 
Gospel: John 4.5-42
Intercessions: Bernard
Churchwarden: Gaye
Offertory: Derek Holtom & Frances Allen
Coffee: Antje
Chalice: Mark & Andrew
Sound: Gill Field

Choral Evensong …
Location: St Mary's
  On Service Plan:YES

Introit:   Call to Remembrance - Farrant
Hymns:   New A&M  608  644  130ii  135
Psalm: 40
Canticles:  Service in the Dorian mode - Blow
1st Reading: Joshua 1.1-9; Christine Pickett
2nd Reading: Ephesians 6.10-20; Sandra Barker
Intercessions: Andrew Gillborn
Anthem:  Sicut cervus - Palestrina
CW: Caroline R