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Graffiti on the Pillars

There is interesting medieval graffiti on the pillars, some of which are drawings. Click on the following map to locate each bit of Graffiti of interest.


Location 1

'Finis virtutis pro dei Gloria et non factum suum virtutibus'
'The end of virtue is God's glory and not the merit of the virtuous one'

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Location 2

'Quot gratias fontis tot Dolores cruces montis'
'As many joys of the font as there are sorrows of Calvary's cross'.

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Location 3

Facing south east and partly under a later pattern made with compasses

'Cornua non sunt arto compugenta sputuo'
'the corners are not jointed correctly. I spit on them'

- A criticism written by a disgusted architect.

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Location 4

Just above no.3

'Archi(di)aconus Asemnes'
'The Archdeacon is an ass'

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Location 5

Facing north east

'Ebrietas frangit quicquid sapienta tangit'
'Drunkenness breaks whatever wisdom touches'

This saying has been recorded in medieval Germany as well.


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Location 6

Facing south west

(Waiting for a picture)

'Nulli ante Do(m)i(num) secreti et fecente's
There are none before the Lord having secret thoughts or deeds

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Location 7

'Barbara filia Barbara est'
' Barbara is a regular young vixen'
possibly the playful insinuation of a boyfriend.

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Location 8

Facing south

'Superbia precidit fallum'
'Pride goes before a fall'

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Location 9

Facing south east in the Lady Chapel

'Praetereo fini tempori in cello pace'
'I pass at death into the peace of Heaven'.
However, another translation could be:
'Suffer if you want yourself to be seen in Heaven'.
These two versions illustrate the intriguing nature of medieval graffiti - there is rarely just one interpretation!

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Location 10

North Arcade

A simple drawing of a church with western tower and spire.
Just above are two lines of medieval writing, in English but undeciphered.

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Other Graffiti of Interest

You will need to look in the church to locate this one yourself.